Does the PPT buy Nasdaq Futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spinn, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. spinn


    I am of the opinion that the SP500 is being extremely manipulated by the govt. I am aware there are many NASDAQ stocks in the SP500 but was wondering if the GOVT also buys nq futures?
  2. i doubt it. Geithner says the $5 tick size is for pikers.....
  3. When he is "doing" 10,000-lot buys, he's not concerned about tick-size. :D
  4. :D

    I have a theory about these 'end of administration" sell-offs ala' Clinton/2000 and Bush/2008. When these Presidents clean up the books by selling all the index futures they'd bought the prior 8 years, bada bing, look out below.
  5. That may give new meaning to the "Presidential Cycle". Too bad there is not an annual election! :D
  6. spinn


    so this is the end of the Obama administration?

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