Does the market trade against you???

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    Hi Traders

    Have you ever felt like the market is just waiting for you to enter, then it goes the other way? Then just as you get out, the market seems to reverse and go exactly where you thought it would when you entered? It almost seems that the pros know where your emotional decisions will be made, then they trade against you!....
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    You have to learn to setup your trades and stick with it unless you are wrong in the first place or when the market did the unexpected reversal; you'll need to have a better timing for your entries and try to eliminate false signals, the trade might go against you one or twice but not all of the time.

  3. This just means you havent done enough work yet investigating the market you trade. You havent learned it well enough. You need to spend more time learning its patterns and then this wont happen to you anymore.

  4. If you are talking about your forex retail broker trading AGAINST you...
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    I have the opposite feeling. The brokers know who I am, I keep bringing in more business, and they say well we could force his stops, but them we not be making money anymore. So if he balls to hold onto that position and not sell during the draw down, we are not going to mess with him. Also, the last time we tried to mess with him, we lost money in our own trading account as he was able to out trade us. But those other people, screw them, they like to go for 5 pips and have 25 pip stop. Stupid bastards, we are going eat them for breakfast.
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    Q. Does the market trade against you???

    A. Yes
  8. Q. Does the market trade against you???

    A. No. That's me against you! :)
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    I suggest stop trading for a wee while until you've worked it out ....:)
  10. I suggest stop trading for a life while until we've worked it out. :D
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