Does The Market Owe You Money?

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Does The Market Owe You Money?

  1. Yes it Owes Me More Then I Have in The Bank and I am a Victim!

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  2. Yes it Owes Me a Little and a Apology Would Also Be Nice!

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  3. No it Has Not Financially Raped Me!

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  4. I Owe it More and More Money Everyday and I Do the Financial Raping!

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  1. I would like to see how many people out there feel that the market owes you money?

    I remember my old boss (Walter Scott Braun) way back in the day saying "The Market Hates You and It Wants To Kill You"!

    So how has the market been to you?
  2. 0-0-2-2 ? :confused: :eek:
  3. The market is just a facility where buyers and sellers meet up and trade, how can it owe you anything?
  4. Does The Market Owe You Money?


    I still have my Adelphia stock.

    "Why?" "Oh Why?"

    To remind myself of what one must never do.....:cool:..:D
  5. Neat: I see 1-2-3-4.