Does the left REALLY believe this?

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  1. From the self proclaimed "Home of Liberalism on the Net", TurnLeft.Com :

    "We spend most of our lives working. Work is the foundation of our economy and a major part of the glue holding together communities. The employee is an equal business partner with the employer, and as such, has the right to collectively bargain for terms of employment.

    (Underline mine)

    Correct me if I'm wrong - and I hope I am - but this sounds awfully similar to the flawed in theory and discredited in practise Marxist workers-own-the-means-of-production ideology.

    How can this be considered good for business and economic prosperity?
  2. Unions beat sweatshops, and no, I don't believe most of what I read on the internet.

    The problem with the right is that they're always trying to get something for nothing; they're the momentum traders of the economy, always trying to cut corners and scam everyone else.

    A good example of this is the environment - the right thinks that you can bulldoze and dump wherever you want, in return for a quick profit. But you hurt yourself more this way over the long run, both in terms of loss of resources, and in terms of the inevitable clean-up costs that go with lax environmental policies. Sure, you save a few bucks in the short-term, but when the love-canal style lawsuits come out, the losses really hurt. (The W solution to this is to not fund agencies such as the EPA; this way, corp's can do whatever the hell they want, and "we" save our precious tax dollars by not having to pay those freaking liberals to come in and clean up the mess - utterly brilliant!!!).

    Another example is the deficit spending that the right loves; spending money you don't have is a quick fix, a band-aid, but you will end up paying for it (plus interest) more over the long run.

    I love this country, and I can't understand why the right thinks it's perfectly fine to sell it for a few quick bucks in their pockets, but then again, I guess that's the cost of "freedom" - but who looks out for my freedom? I want nice, clean forests and rivers...the "freedom" of the right interferes with my freedom to have a clean place to go and relax, hunt, and fish...

    But I guess that's the price of end up with the inevitable dipsh!t president every now and then...I'm just glad W has made himself the posterboy for stupidity, and that Cheney has made himself the posterboy villain, controlling W's strings...this way, more people see the inherent evil of the right-wing...
  3. Thank you bungrider for your emotion laden response that completely fails to address the issue I brought up.
  4. Uhh, it's good for business because it doesn't allow the relentless abuse that is characteristic of corporate leaders. WCOM, ENE, and a few others come to mind...

    I'm not an advocate of Marxism, but there is a balance that needs to be achieved between the left and the right for a healthy economy...

    Does that answer your question, einstein???
  5. the quote you posted is right on. it can't really be argued against, cause it's so obvious.
  6. I'll wager 2 ES points that this one turns into a mudfest before 5 pages :D
  7. Non sequitir.

    Er, would you mind arguing for your case? Or do you simply expect me to agree with your conclusion?
  8. A business owner that opens a convenience store and the border jumper he employs ( :D j/k) are equal business partners?

    That's anything but obvious to me.
  9. The business owner who sweats his ass off, works 65-hour weeks and risks everything to launch his/her business is entitled to the same rewards as someone who comes in off the street after it's been established and collects a gauranteed paycheck every Friday, along with benefits, vacation time, etc?

    Get real. Typical jealous employee attitude. They only see the owner drive the Mercedes; they never saw him bust his ass for many years to get there.

    Liberals love to stir up the class envy with such gems like "working class". EVERYBODY works, even the owners! Unless you're laying on your ass collecting disability we are all working class, at least until we become the 'retired class'. Just more mind control.

  10. OK, but next time you want to b!tch and moan about your broker charging fees that are too high, remember that he's the business owner, taking all of the risk...

    You can't have it both ways...
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