Does the IB TWS has volume by price?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nasdaq5048, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. I am very close in opening an IB account. I want to know does the TWS platform has anything like the TT machine, where it tells you how much volume is traded at every price for a specific session?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. No. You can achieve this by running Quotetracker, where Medved the man behind the curtain, has put every charting tool known to man and a few illegal aliens too.

    Works off the IB feed.
  3. I trade mostly futures and is looking to trade foreign stocks and european futures through IB. So, can the medved platform link to the IB feed for these non-US data?
    Also, do you pay a fee for the medved platform?
  4. Quotetracker can be free (if you dont mind the adverts) but you may prefer the features of a few other packages that hook onto IB.

    LOL ... about the every tool known to man stock777 ... you should have a look at Ensign or FibTrader to recheck your reality :)

    For a charting package tied to IBs TWS the european markets are really just the same as US markets. Also look at SierraChart which I use which has a different look and feel to quotetracker and lets u or others customize it to go beyond the normal range of indicators on SC or Qt. Also Ensign which provides the same customization plus superb line and fib capabilities and FibTrader.
  5. so can the sierrachart or ensign show the volume by price like the TT machine for the european markets and foreign stocks through the IB feed?
  6. All the guy asked for was volume by price , which QT does very nicely and for free.

    I don't use 95% of the tools in QT so lord knows what those other packages have that I would use.

    Just for kicks, name a few that you feel are worth using.