Does the Dow Jones news feed suck?

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  1. I think it does.

    There was just news on CCU.

    Even those clowns at CNBC had it.

    10 minutes later , nothing on DJ.
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    Fire those bastards!
  3. Reuters North American newsfeed had the headline at 1:18:30pm. I don't know how good that is compared to when the news broke but at least gives you a comparison. You might consider supplementing DJnewswires. Reuters is pretty affordable compared to DJnewswires.
  4. DJ news is the best out there. Most news wires get there news from them.
  5. What time did this headline come out on a Bloomberg? Just curious how much faster they were. Do you find that DJ is usually faster than Bloomberg? I am happy with Reuters because it is relatively inexpensive and I don't trade the news but am always curious what other platforms are doing as a comparison.
  6. I am on my laptop right now and don't have access to BB. I don't have my B unit with me either...sorry :(

    I find that DJ is faster than BB. What time do you have for the news on CCU?
  7. Reuters NA had it at 1:18:30pm. I suspect that is a little slow but would be interesting to see on BB since DJ apparently didn't have it all.
  8. I went back and copied this straight from DJ.
    13:14 *WSJ:Clear Channel Buyout Firms Reject Banks' Arbitration Bid

    Is this what you are talking about?
  9. Yeah, the OP said DJ didn't have a headline on it. Guess he was wrong. Thanks.
  10. Anything I can do to help. My pleasure
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