Does the DAX trade well over US holidays?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by blackchip, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Or does anyone have any suggestions for trading that doesn't shut down with the USA?

    Holidays = zzzzzz.
  2. notouch


    Life goes on as normal for everyone outside the USA so take your pick.
  3. That is not correct. Several European futures definitely trade less volatile and are the lazy periods endure longer. The fact that there is no open at 15:30 in NY gives everyone less reason to trade.

  4. esmjb


    agreed, notouch has noclue.
  5. notouch


    Sometimes volatility is greater, sometimes it's less. Less liquidity often leads to greater volatility. Note the tendency of currencies to break out while the US is on holiday. There'll be no lack of volatility in a week with three interest rate announcements. Asia and Europe certainly don't "shut down" (to quote the OP) just because the USA is on holiday.
  6. Not shut down, correct, but I am certain that a lot of participants here in EUR have planned a day off tomorrow. You're right that this sometimes leads to funny opportunities, but it is difficult to trade them. The market is definitely thinner.