does the DAX have "day" hours?

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  1. on esignal's site, it lists the trading hours for the dax futures as 08:50am - 08:00pm (local time).

    of this time period, is there a duration of time considered the day session? kind of like the ES 9:30-4:15 trading time in usa.

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    No. There is no night session in the dax. It's open from 9am cet till 8 pm cet.
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  4. Yes. And they sleep 10 pm.
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    What i think is important to know is, that the underlying (Xetra-DAX) is open from 9am till 5:30pm only. After 5:30pm there is quoted a so called "Late-Dax" (L-Dax), but this L-Dax isn`t that meaningful as there are hardly big changes after 5:30pm.

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    After 5h30pm cet, Dax will follow US very closely. Bure, sure, moves in the last / last and an half hour won't happen often because at that time, US traders are at lunch.
  7. The DAX doesn't have day hours.

    The DAX only has death hours. :mad: :D

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