Does the CME have specialist trading the ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader123abc, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I have a few questions I hope to find answers to.

    Can anybody tell me if the CME has specialist trading the ES or any other instruments to make money competing against other traders? A discussion between trading buddies came up and we did not know the answer.

    If so would the CME have a way getting orders in ahead of anybody else using trading platforms any FCM's or IB platforms?

    Would a Globex terminal in the CME give you a better advantage for market orders versus market orders through TT, Pats, IB or any other entry platform outside the CME?

    Does the CME make any money off of the Bid/ Ask spread of any trades in the Electronic market? Are they making the market electronically? Or are they only making their money on commissions? It's not a matter of concerns with our trading, more curious too answers.

  2. no
  3. Thankfully, no.

  4. Sorry guys, I had posted question by accident before fiinishing questions. Any other comments on other questions?

  5. Two threads on the same question? Your punishment will be getting tossed into the CME pit as a 150 pound clerk. SHARK!!
  6. LOL,
    Posted it by mistake, tried to delete it, would not allow.
    Moderator can you please delete this thread.

    Thanks for answers