Does Terrorism Effect Your Trading?

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  1. Does Terrorism and the news of it effect your trading decisions?

    Terrorism not urgent issue for Bush administration before Sept. 11, former adviser testifies.


    "The Bush White House scaled back the struggle against al-Qaeda after taking office in 2001 and spurned suggestions that it retaliate for the bombing of a U.S. warship because "it happened on the Clinton administration's watch," a former top terrorism adviser testified Wednesday. "

    What Richard Clarke says is true.

    Remember what Bush was doing as the jets were flying into NY and the Pentagon? Reading a book to a group of children!

    Bush WAS not doing anything about terrorism - it is a fact!

    The biggest thing on his agenda then was busting Internet child pornography, as I recall, that was the main thing the FBI and CIA were involved in: whackin their puds to kiddy porn. Totally oblivious to terrorist threats.


    So, Bush is responsible for not stopping the terrorist attacks on 9/11 it appears. Government, according to Richard Clarke, was not doing its job under the Bush admin.

    Thanks Bush. What's the next surprise?

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    Do you really believe your posting is usefull for traders/trading and appropriate to be posted on Elite Trader? You better try to start an Elite Politics and let us to talk about trading.
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    I second that. In fact I'll go one further. I'd like to be the first on this board to call you an petty, instigating, idiot cocksucker. I'm sure hundreds of poster's and lurker's think that about you, but I get to be the first to say it in print.
  4. "I'd like to be the first on this board to call you an petty, instigating, idiot cocksucker."


    So, what are you trying to say? By the way, you left out a comma after the word "idiot."

    Gee, Pabsts, and, here, I've looked up to you, read all your posts and held you in SUCH high esteem all this time.

    *shakes head slowly*

    Was there... anything... in particular... that I said... that you didn't like? Because, you know, whatever it is... I'll retract it. :D

    "I'm sure hundreds of poster's and lurker's think that about you,"

    You really think "100s of posters and lurkers" actually READ what I say?


    Well, the market goes where it wants regardless of the trades YOU make... if you know what I mean.

    Take care,

    Sam <-- definitely takes YOUR comments to heart *ahem*
  5. "Do you really believe your posting is usefull for traders/trading and appropriate to be posted on Elite Trader?"


    : /

    "You better try to start an Elite Politics and let us to talk about trading."

    OK. :D [makes note to himself] Try to start an Elite Politics and let them to talk about trading.

    Got it! Um... when should I start...?

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    and if i am the only who says this to you on this board and neither hundred nor five hundred second that:

    you do not have the right to communicate like this. and the same accounts for your hundred friends who use the same terminology.

    and you were not even offended by the initial poster.

  7. Someone who is smarter than both Bush AND his challengers came up with the idea of exploring the issues that are now the bigger issue - in order to dislodge Bush from office come election day.

    Me thinketh that it is a trader, perhaps George Soros, who has sworn to unseat Bush.

    Check this:

    President feels the heat, launches an all-out attack.


    "Deploying everybody from the vice president to the first lady to blanket the airwaves with rebuttals, the administration has thrown everything at Clarke, accusing him of hypocrisy, partisan motives, faulty memory, sour grapes and self-aggrandizement.

    "That assault on Clarke continued ...."

    "This is not going away," said Stephen Wayne, a government professor at Georgetown University.

    "This is a very dangerous moment for Bush because this goes right to the heart of his strength," said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of a nonpartisan political newsletter.

    "If, in fact, the war against terrorism is handled poorly, if there are misjudgments, if the president never really pays enough attention to the war against terrorism because he is paying attention to Saddam Hussein, this could pull the rug right out from under the president."

    This has been my perspective all along! It could not have been said better.

    "Colin Powell is the wrong man for the job (Secretary of State). He appears to be weak-minded, allowing others who have a stronger personality than his to influence him."

    And, Mind, thank you for your kind words! :D

    Best regards,

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    relax, and breathe.:)
  9. hey gamalruach,

    I already (successfully) requested the previous thread (the one on Yassin and al Qaida, although not started by you) to be closed for its hate speeches and total irrelevance to trading. We understand that you have extreme opinions on the war on terror, whatever reason you may have. We also learned about your racism and extremism towards other cultures and people thinking differently than you.

    But I find it ridiculous that you just jump from one thread to the next and even open your own threads on the very same topic and just continue pissing around with your extremist opinions.

    THIS IS A TRADING BOARD. Please limit yourself to postings/threads related to trading. The topic itself can be interpreted as being related to the broader markets, but then what is not? There are non-Americans on this board and even many Americans feel annoyed by your fundamentalism (this time in the opposite direction).

    Happy trading!!!
  10. And you're the chief one, Japboy.

    At least Clarke has a (clear) conscience.

    "Your government failed you, those entrusted with protecting you failed you and I failed you. We tried hard, but that doesn't matter because we failed. And for that failure, I would ask — once all the facts are out — for your understanding and for your forgiveness." Richard Clarke

    He'd make a good trader.

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