does swift have a edge with nyfix?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Steelhead, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. whats the deal?????????
  2. Come all you swifty's, answer the man's question and tell everyone how it's done. :D :D haha
  3. Juicy


    I actually just opened an account up at Elitetrader to hear this answer. Long time reader here though, of the good, bad and ugly.
  4. I bet none of them will answer. Though it's a pretty safe bet that more than a few of them are watching this thread hoping it goes away.
  5. a few of those guys have been pretty cool about it (as most canadians are) it dosent sound like a big deal, it seems to be fitting with their style as liq. traders,,,,either way,,, good for them

    red ink, hows it goin? you still crankin it out?
  6. The Nyfix/Millennium game isn't about providing liquidity.

    Don't know about 'crankin it out' but I am happy. :)
  7. Juicy


    All's quiet on the Swift front? Easy come, easy go boys.....
  8. Lippy


    im an ex-swifty that traded a whole bunch of millenium before i left and we sure werent providing liquidity. i was alright at the game but theres some swifty's that make my look like a turd, i understood a good portion of what the most successful ones were/ and are doing but i was missing the final key of there ridiculous success, but i think it involves having big balls of titanium and controling the stock to the point of market making it (theres a few things that are characteristic of millenium... nyfix's ecn, that makes this possible)
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    does millenium have a website?
  10. Everyone and their dog has a website. How about typing 'nyfix' into google and seeing what you come up with?

    If you're too lazy to do that here is the site.
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