Does SPY trade at midnight?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. I noticed there's active bid ask action going on during the wee hours of the morning. Any idea?
  2. ARCA opens at 4AM.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to just open the markets at 4am. These pre-market hours are worthless with volume being thin and spreads being a mile wide.
  4. Eventually all markets will trade 24 hrs/day and be closed only on weekends and holidays. Then, many of us will never sleep.

  5. Although gnome is probably right about many markets going 24 hours you will have noticed with the currency markets that the "openness" varies. The majority of tradable movement in a market takes place while its nationals /national institutions are active.

    That effect may actually stop the total spread of 24 hourism ... are there enough customers?

    So at midnight in the US look for trading in the aussie SPI, the HSI, the Nikkei etc not on the then boring SPY.
  6. That day is rapidly approaching, probably sooner than you think.