Does SPI slow down your data?

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  1. I recently dumped zone alarm as it cut my download speed in half! Just running the lynksys with NAT, that's it. Considering shelling out for a router with SPI or the better tech, but will it slow down my data transmission? I appreciate your help.

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    I've had several routers, none seemed to slow things much at all.
  3. Please clarify. Did you have SPI on your router enabled? I don't have that option on my Lynksys blue box.
  4. A router shouldn't slow your transmission down unless the services you run on it really overload it - which is unlikely.

    Also, to be frank, zonealarm shouldn't slow you down either. I run a modest amd box and get fantastic transfer rates with zonealarm firewall on.
  5. Well I tested my download speed on and it went from 7 meg with just a lynksys router down to 3 meg with zone alarm and the same router, no kidding. I don't even need 3 meg to trade, but I talk with mentor in skype and scalp futures so the faster the better, that' why I ask. I am looking for best value of security and speed.
  6. Whats the specs on your pc (ram and cpu)?
  7. Plenty fast. Pent 4 3.2 ghz with HT, 1.5 gig of ram, a year old.
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    I found that SPI showed down realtick to a crawl. Did not affect eSignal.

    so somehow it's application dependent. Realtick actually told me to turn off SPI ... i cancelled the service in stead.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

  10. LOL ... mine is an amd 2600 with 0.5 gig of ram ...

    I think the statement "its application dependent" must be the case because it doesn't slow my pathetic machine down at all :)
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