Does smoking pot enhance your trading performance?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NanoTick, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I'm just wondering if I should give it a try.
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    Nice thread! It may work for some people, chills them out a little?
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    It's like saying you can drive better when you're drunk. Get a clue.
  4. Driving and trading are not the same thing. I really like the term "high income"...
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    Pot can be very good for enhancing creativity. It's not for everybody of course, but used in moderation it has some very nice benefits.

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    Spoken by someone who has obviously never been stoned. Pot and booze are two completely different drugs w/completely different effects on the mind and body.

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    pot is for fundamentalists; LSD is for chartists extraordinaire.
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    I think a "Hook-Up" for this thread should be planned in order to objectively determine which has the greater benefit.
  9. I don't use it, I prefer to meditate. IF someone can use it in moderation, it may help.

    Someone is better of growing their own (in many states of Australia where I'm from it is decriminalised), that way they can control the quality and specimen. I say this because if a trader needs to wait patiently for a settup, then they need the discipline to be able to be "on top off" the stony effect, therefore the quantities and quality of grass needs to be precise if it is to be a regular thing. It may also be better to vaporize or make a tincture out of it in order to have a smoother come on.

    Rules of go and no go must be ironclad, otherwise if a trader is making stuff up they will get the market. The creativity aspect may help in the beginning when a trader is forming their trading plan, but this can hinder them when they are trading because they will be inventing too many trades as they go along. It should primarily act as a tool for a trader to loosen up inhibition when they see an edge or a settup that they know works. The slowing down time effect should enable someone to see the settup more clearly and also notice the "traps".

    Finally, some personality types may not be suited to it, that is why on this thread their is/will be divided opinion. Interesting topic.
  10. LOL. I couldn't resist looking up where you're located because that's a great idea.
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