Does Russia want a nuclear war?

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    Does Russia want a nuclear war? It sure seems like the Russian government (i.e. Putin) thinks they can win one.
    This is most unsettling.

    No one wins a nuclear war. To quote XO Hunter from the movie Crimson Tide (Denzel Washington)
    "In the nuclear age, the true enemy is war itself."

    Anyway, I am putting some trust in the decency and goodness of the Russian people. I really hope they
    can see through their government's bs.
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    I dont agree with the what i am writing below, but this might be how the Russians could be seeing things:

    What is Biden doing saying Ukraine can join Nato soon, Does the US want a nuclear war? This is most unsettling.
    Anyway, I am putting some trust in the decency and goodness of the American people. I really hope they can see through their government's bs.
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  3. Anyway, I am putting some trust in the decency and goodness of the American people. I really hope you can see through your government's bs.

    If you think you can bring war and destruction to so many countries and karma will not catch up with you,you are mistaken.

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  4. It seems like USA doesn't consider Russia will use nuclear weapon no matter what they do

    USA fully engaged into proxy war against Russia, Russian territory is being striked every day multiple times with US weapon by people trained by US instructors

    USA is not afraid of nuclear strike

    And Russian army is weak

    It seems USA doesn't give a choice to Russia - Russia will have to nuke something to bring USA back to its senses or Russia will be destroyed

    I jsut hope it won't be full ICBM strike. Maybe some small nuke in some remote area so nobody dies

    I hope US intelligence knows what they are doing in Ukraine
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    Every day recently Putin and his cronies have been crowing about nuclear war if they don't get their way in Ukraine. Rattling their sabers and threatening the West.

    Putin's basic statement is "give me what I want in taking whatever sovereign nations I desire by force or I will nuke you". Sorry Vlad that is not how nuclear deterrence works.

    Russian state TV says nuclear strike 'more probable' than Kremlin losing Ukraine war
    Margarita Simonyan, editor of state broadcaster RT, has made a chilling threat on Russian state television during a week in which the Russian nuclear rhetoric has been ramped up significantly
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    It has been working for him so far. Biden has been too scared to supply serious hardware like fighter jets. Or medium range missiles that the Ukrainians could use to hit Moscow.

    Trump would have sent those, so the Ukrainians could take out what Trump called the 'Gold bubbles' in Moscow.

    I think Trump meant these type of buildings, which are in fact churches.

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    That right there... that WOULD trigger WW3.
    No friggin way they get those.
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    There you go, Putin's sabre rattling works on you!

    But Trump would have done it! He was going to take those out those 'Gold bubbles' in Moscow if Putin did a full scale invasion.

    Or at least Putin would not of have known if Trump was bluffing or not.
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    I don't think so. It's hard to play "what if", but Trump had to know if he gave medium range ballistic missiles to Ukraine, or even threatened to, Putin would have came right back with his own threats, and Putin wouldn't be bluffing. And there's no way in the world Trump would have trusted the Ukrainians to not use them. People can say what they want about Trump, but he would have bullshitted this whole thing to death and none of this would be going on now.
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