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  1. I've been a subscriber since '99 and lately it seems like their product has really gone down in quality. Cramer's never ending bullishness in the face of some horrible declines has damaged his reputation in my eyes. I wouldn't touch his "Action Alerts Plus" product with a 10 foot pole.'s resident technicians, Alan Farley and GBS really haven't given me anything spectacular recently. Maybe it's just the market, or maybe it's a loss of focus at Realmoney. Too much time and energy being spent developing other subscription services? Herb Greenberg is one of their best assets right now. Some of his calls have been incredible to say the least. If you buy put options far enough out on some of the companies he questions, you can easily double or triple your money. The one thing I liked about Realmoney was thier blend of technical and fundamental analysis. You had the best of both worlds. I could balance out some of my short term trading with some longer term plays that have the technicals and fundamentals to back them up.

    Any opinions on the current state of right now?
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    I've been a subscriber for many years too and pretty much agree with you. Greenburg is a money maker and DePorre is pretty good to. Their street notes morning breifing always has analyst up/downgrades that yahoo and briefing seem to miss, important for my opening orders. I mostly read it to keep in touch with what's happening on the street in general, but since Todd Harrison left, I don't use it to trade with during the day. It's still my homepage and I think it's worth the money, for me at least.
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    Other than the Trading Diaries, I don't see anyting on RealMoney that you can't get at free sites like MarketWatch and Money Center, etc, and I get tired of reading about what great stuff you could get for another hundred a month, plus even greater stuff yet, I guess, from RealMoney Pro for only a few thousand more. I keep my subscription, so I guess I at least hope it will help me make money.
  4. I bet almost every real trader who reads RM would agree that it has gone downhill and basically sucks. The chat room op's they have on are a joke, and most of the rest is oriented to long term investors. Cramer is a good read but he is not on top of things anymore. He has made some dumb picks but I still value his macro analysis. I look at RM as basically a come-on for RM Pro. No way I'll pay that entry fee, and I seriously doubt they are in business a year from now.

    Has anyone taken the RM Pro trial and if so, what did you think?
  5. sure. fade
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    I think you have to approach RM very selectively. Herb Greenberg is on top of his game as usual. Helene Meisler is ok, she can provide some interesting technical insight.

    Cramer, you better just ignore or read when you have nothing better to do. He just blabbers on about anything and everything. GBS rolls out of bed long enough to write a few obvious comments on some charts.

    The persons that I miss most from RM are Doug Kass and Todd Harrison. Todd is gone and Doug is on RM Pro. I love the guy but not that much!
  7. arne alsin has the best % return of anybody on real money.he is a buy and hold type of guy tho.he is a balance sheet master.he knows how to find the skeletons or gems in the closet.
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    vhen, glad you brought up Alsin. Yes, he is a performer. I had forgotten about him. But he can only make you money if you are a long term holder. I would advise a tighter stop loss than he uses also! (some of his previous picks have lost 20-40%)
  9. I still find it absoluetley invaluable. I don't think I'd be in business still if I hadn't learnt from cramer as much as I have. I don't trust their tech analysis stuff. I think that most tech analysis people are just trend/momentum/breakout artists anyway. I think that type of trading is a thing of the past in most situations, so useless. I never read that stuff. I think that the columnist conversation stuff is unreal. Kass has made me some great calls too. I would definately pay for the pro service. I intend to at some point in the future when I have a really good week. I agree that most stuff there is useless for daytrading, but I think that as time goes on, I'm becomming way more long term orriented. It's just too damn hard to make money short term. I pay for 2 of their "products". The turnaround report and value investor are both exceptional. I recommend everyone reads them. Also, the insider newsletter off their site is just unreal. I would definately recommend that weekly newsletter no matter what. I think that cramer is right on as always. He sees things and understands things in a way that no one else can. I think they honestly will break even by some time next year.
  10. Read his piece today on TYCO. He can make even tough balance sheet stuff that's hard to understand make sense.
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