Does Quote tracker have a trading simulator?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Mercury77, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. I am starting with swing trading and I need intraday quotes for timing the entries based on the set ups I see on the EOD. I am thinking about quote tracker because I dont need anything fancy like esignal or realtick. Because I am justing starting out (yes I know paper trading is not the same as trading with real money) I want to practice a little bit with real-time simulated trading but I dont know if this is possible with QT. So I hope that somebody can aswer this question for me. Thanks in advance!

  2. QT is better than Real Tick in many ways....and can be free....and has a far more congenial staff of people...

    Quotes can be costing $....

    Thanks to Jerry Medved....
  3. cmk


    What data provider are you using? Who is your broker?

    I would reccomend IB with QT so you can feed it real time data from IB. If you are interested in testing for a little while you can set it up with IBs demo account. (You can use the demo account with QT either way, even if you are not a customer)

    The quotes are delayed and replayed last time i checked so I dont know if that will work for you
  4. thanks guys for these quick responses but what I actually want to know is if you can trade in simulated mode with QT just like with esignal and that it tracks your portfolio based on the trades you made in the simulated mode or am I asking too much of a program wich is free lol ?
  5. cmk


    QT is a "front end" type application that can use data feeds from a lot of other brokers.

    I do think your best bet is to use the IB Demo account with QT as the front end. You can track your trades, positions, and P&L in the interactive brokers demo account screen.

    QT Does not provide data or trading through them, you need to use a third party broker, and all of your trade information will be recorded with your broker, not QT.
  6. Thanks cmk for your response. I know I need a broker besides QT because its only a front end application and not a broker . Esignal has this possibility to make simulated trades in real time and track the results of these simulated trades in realtime and you dont need a broker for it. But I think, based on your answers, QT doesnt offer this feature but for the small price compared to esignal you cant expect everything!