Does Powell and Biden know something we don't?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bond tr4der, Dec 7, 2008.

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  2. They are saying this so if anythings happens on Obama's watch, Dems can say "We warned you."

    Suppose we gave Bush one goal during his entire presidency, and that was to keep us safe from another attack, mission accomplished.

    You can bitch about the breakdowns along the way, but he delivered.
  3. How about the goal of keeping us safe from the first attack, mission failure. 2nd goal preventing a global financial meltdown, mission failure, keep employment high, mission failure, reduce the national debt, mission failure, promote the free enterprise system in America, mission failure, make America a stronger nation and respected around the world, mission failure. You can bitch but he did deliver, mission failure.
  4. Actually the person that should be blamed for the the first attack is Bill Clinton. The extreme lack of airport security Clinton not only implemented but decreased was stunning. It's just another thing the liberal media ignored.

    Bush was only president for 7 months before the attacks.