Does Obama have a filibuster

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hughb, Nov 5, 2008.

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    proof Democratic congress to work with here? I can't find anythign saying so, but the Dems really thumped the Repubs tonight.

    A president who's party also controls congress is usually a bad thing. They can do whatever they want now, good for the country or not. I prefer to have one party in the white house and another party running congress. The gridlock keeps either party from getting a stranglehold on the country. One of the worst things that happened to Bush was getting a Repub majority congress, it didn't take long for his approval rating to drop to the lowest ever save Truman.

    Anybody got a long term Dow chart? Look back to 1994, a Dem in the white house but all the Dems in congress were swept out in a thumpin'. The Dow skyrocketed immediatley afterward. (BTW, I was working in a call center back then and we took phone calls from people who wanted to get a copy of the Contract With America. God I hated those calls.)

    I don't have a party affiliation and I voted for Obama. I hope his party with this huge majority doesn't fuck it all up. But I know they will. They always have and this time will be no exception. It's just a matter of time. will they even make it to the midterms?
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    You know they will immediately start an agenda that will end badly with multiple intended and unintended consequences.

    It's just a question of what it will be.
  3. A lot of Democrats like to thump each other in the butt.
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    So do the Neocons from what I hear.