Does Obama Believe In Winning?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, Jan 2, 2010.

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  2. Obama was only delaying the Afghan move until healthcare could be bought from the Congress.
    He wanted votes from the Liberals before he broke his promise to them about the wars.
  3. Who cares? Instead of a POTUS the US now has a racist Islamist sympathising black liberation POS for a President.

    The best thing for the US and the World would be for Hussein to drop dead or die of lead poisoning!
  4. YOU'RE the pathetic POS.

    What do you define as 'winning' !?!?! The Taliban makes up over 30% of the Afganistan population: they have every right to input THEIR beliefs into the governing of Afganistan as any other Afganistani does.

    Fundementalist Christains make up 30% of the American population and they have a right to input THEIR beliefs into our government.

    Although it is a great fantasy to eliminate the fundementalists in America and Afganistan it ain't going to happen and repressing them through violence is immoral and will only strengthen them.
  5. The Taliban supported the people who attacked the US on 9/11 so the US has the right to kill every last one of them.
  6. The US has killed 6 MILLION people on this planet since 1950. We are responsible for 10-20 9/11's EVERY year in some part of the world or another.

    I don't condone the terrorism of 9/11 and I hate violent Islamic/Christian/Jewish/Hindu extremism as much as you or anybody else but we reap what we sow.

    Want to end 'terrorism': stop propping up illigetimate governments and get our troops & warships out of their countries.

  7. Are you actually serious?
  8. Violent Islamic/Christian/Jewish/Hindu extremism??

    Typical far-left bullshit. Name one organized group of Jews, Christians, or members of any other world religion who publicly state that all the members of another religious or ethnic group should be murdered.

    Name one government other than an Islamic one that publicly states this as their position.

    Name one organized group of Jews, Christians or any other religious group who move en masse to a country which provides a higher standard of living than they could ever get in their home, only to tell the citizens and the governments of that country that if they are not allowed to govern themselves (and most importantly, their women) according to their own set of laws, there will be violent protests.

    The US has made a ton of mistakes, that's true. But remember World War 2? That little detail? I speak English because American kids went over to Europe and died to protect my right. Your use of the number 6 million proves that you're either a radical Muslim or an ultra radical leftist. The number of innocents who died as a result of US actions is terrible, yes, but it's nowhere near that.

    Obviously you've never been overseas. If you had, you'd know that 3/4 of the world's population still dreams of making it to America, even with all the troubles they're having.
  9. It is so amazing to me that every 'patriot' on this and other forums continue to cite WW2 as an example of our 'greatness'. And it's true: we WERE great and WERE right. However, nobody cites ANY of our actions since that time as 'great' or 'right'. And, they shouldn't. Every miltary action since then has been to protect our 'interests' (economic) or, in the case of the current endless war, 'retaliation'.

    The 6 million number that I stated is correct. I am actually being generous since we are also the world's largest EXPORTER of military weapons which constitutes additional blood on our hands. (The majority of our military deaths are at the end of the very weapons that we have produced.)

    I call a spade a spade. How would you like it if another country came over here and attacked 30% of our population? Even .00001%. If you think that our violence against Islamic fundementalists (Taliban) is going to be successful then you are sadly mistaken. Every person we kill in Pakistan or Afganistan creates 10 more enemies. 30 years from now, if not sooner, we'll be apoligizing for the actions we are taking today.

    I'll say it again: get the hell out of THEIR business and all parties will be better off.
  10. Yep, just like I thought. Unable to answer to the main points of my post, you try a dodge to the left (predictable).

    It is so amazing to me that the radical left is so willfully ignorant about the motivations of their counterparts, the radical Islamists. Again, it is crystal clear that you have never traveled out of the US. If you had, you would know that that Muslim religious authorities the world over are instructing their women to have 10 children each in order to create Muslim majorities wherever they live. This is not hyperbole - it is literally true. In a sense it doesn't matter what happens because Muslims will most likely double their numbers within 500 years or so.

    How would I feel if they came onto our soil and attacked us? Are you kidding me? 9/11 changed everything for us in the West.
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