Does OANDA Slip and Spread

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  1. I don't have time to search all of the threads, so could some of the full time OANDA traders help me understand something? I know OANDA artificially widens the spread before news releases, but now I am hearing that there is slippage on entries also. Is this the case?

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  2. Yes, of course. But slippage can be negative or positive.
  3. really?..I have not seen price improvement.

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    Always negative here too.
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    However, On IB, Hotspot and CME futures I've had a few cases of price improvement.
  6. I have a solution. Get flat and instruct Oanda to wire or cut a check for your balance. Everyone wants to exploit one way paper at the expense of the dealer. GLOBEX is the answer if you want to trade the news. Hotspot has a great platform and Currenex is nice as well if you must trade spot.
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    well said .... admittedly the someo f these dealers deserver everythig they get ..... but they'll end up just taking it out on a fewaccounts to even the score. Best course of action ? learn to trade properly