Does not voting for Obama make me a racist?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Because a lot of people seem to think so.

    I thought Kerry was a douche also but when I assign the same label to obama I am viewed as racist.

    And this is white people saying this!
  2. I know a fellow who used the n-word about Obama twice in an hour, then proceeded to complain that people called him a racist.

    I don't think not voting for Obama makes you a racist. After the last eight years of Republicans, cuckoo-crazy perhaps, but not by default racist.
  3. And if you were you'd no doubt confess it right here and now. Is that an objective observation or yours?


  4. When over 90% of blacks plan to vote for Obama, it would ring hollow if they are unhappy that whites vote for a white candidate

    Ya know?
  5. Who cares what color he is? Obama is so far to the left he's off the plane of reality, if he gets elected, after 4 years the country will be begging Republicans to take over again....
  6. What is "N word"? The word is NIGGER. Calling it the N word minimizes the the contempt of the word.
    BTW, there are many niggers of all colors, least by my definition of the word. Obama isn't one, but he has too many close associations that are.
  7. Not voting for Obama because he is black is no different than voting for him because he is black.

    That's racism.

    However, if Obama loses the post election will be marred by charges of racism and I would expect rioting as well.
  8. One would hope US voters vote because of the political issues, and not because of who the face of those political choices are...

    A bit of a long shot these days when celebrity status in the media has exploded as it has especially for the last 25 years.

  9. Obama is not Sharpton or Jackson. He will not call for reparations. To this way of thinking no black short of a republican could ever run for the Presidency.