Does NinjaTrader 7 chart commodity spreads?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TWolf, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. TWolf


    Sorry if this has been answered; couldn't find it.

    I currently use MetaStock EOD to chart commodity spreads using Reuters EOD data.

    Looking to do the same with NinjaTrader using Kinetick EOD data.

    I only chart/trade exchange recognized spreads in grains, meats, softs, and energies; no synthetics. I'm not a professional but I am profitable and just looking for better charting, better data, and a better broker (another topic altogether).

    I realize NT + Kinetick EOD is free but don't want to go through the install/uninstall if it won't do what I want.

  2. Yes

    Pretty easy to code up spread indicators too.

    charts will do multi instrument, even multi to the indicators.

    They call it ninjascript, however it's the same thing as C#. Ninja script is their library.
  3. TWolf


    Nice; that's a start. The Reuters EOD data costs $25/mth so that's a savings right out of the gate.

    Interesting about the indicators. If I understand you correctly, NT enables one to develop and apply indicators to the spread chart, i.e., you could apply an indicator, say, RSI, to the spread itself?

    My current spread charts are the product of an indicator applied to an underlying chart; this prevents applying an indicator to the spread (I would be applying an indicator to an indicator - doesn't work). I've developed a "work around" through Excel but it's a lot of work.

    Guess I'll download and start playing around with it.



    On the first page it goes into some detail on this...

    there are no spread indicators out of the box. Your usual normal indicators (who uses them :p) and you can program in your own. I run two instruments on a chart with indicators I made myself related to spread. Are you good at C#?
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    I'll need to go through the tour.

    Regarding indicators, yeah, I quit using most of them years ago. These days I tend to use price action for my trading supported by things like regression analysis and r-squared simply to determine trend direction and strength.

    Not great with C# (played with it some several years back but not since). I tend to pick up that stuff pretty quick though and my other half is a database admin geek for the UCLA Anderson School of Business - she's all over it.:p

    Thanks again!