Does Ninja support Pair Trading?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CA04, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. CA04


    I'm interested in doing equity pair trading. Does Ninja support being able to chart a stock pair as one entity?

    For example could I chart 5*KO - 3*PEP? And trade this off the chart. Buying 1 would mean long 5 shares of Coke and short 3 shares of Pepsi instantaneously.

    If Ninja can't do this what other software allows you define a stock spread and trade it off of a chart?

  2. rmorse

    rmorse Sponsor

    Esignal can do this.
  3. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor

    NinjaTrader can chart and trade this automatically via a custom programmed strategy. It can't trade this manually.
  4. CA04


    Thanks Ray. If I'm following over 100 pairs and continuously update this list it would it still make sense?

    Would I have to write a strategy for each and every pair?
  5. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor

    Technically it is possible, only you can tell if the effort involved would make sense compared to other platforms that could support this for you. You could write one strategy for all pairs.
  6. CA04


    Thanks for the reply.

    Do you think future versions of Ninja will support pair trading (without having to code)?

    That would be great.
  7. NinjaTrader_Ray

    NinjaTrader_Ray ET Sponsor

    Although this feature has been requested of us in the past, the demand is not extremely strong. At this time, we do not have any concrete plans in this area.