Does more risk really equate to higher profits?

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  1. In Trader Tim's recent posts on his site, he states that he made the greatest returns in his IRA account with a return of 477%. He postulates the following reasons:

    No margin
    Cannot trade options
    Cannot trade e-mini futures
    Cannot short

    Trader Tim is always slanted towards the bearish side and 2008 was the banner year for all bears and shorts with no better since 2001.

    Does higher risk really equate to more profit or to more ways you can shoot yourself in the foot?
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    Risk is relative to your experience.

    Being aggressive at or just before your signals is relative to your courage.

    Your courage is relative to your confidence.

    Your confidence comes from knowing all of the above have been conquered.

    The rest is easy. :)

    Penn State left all of the above at home as they getting THUMPED. :D

    PSS: Plus Barrett Jackson repeat of auction on SPEED, LIFE IS GOOD :cool:
  3. I might add that Trader Tim has been in the markets since 1987 when he made his first trade right after the crash. He is the creator of and an executive over at Thinkorswim.

    Tim is making these statements coming from experience.
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    Hog, thanks for this.
  5. just make money
  6. Trader Tim is still a noob whos readers don't make any money. He has a book called Chart Your Way to Profits. it should be called Chart your Way To Losses. His charts are useless. He is also really bad at taking criticism and will ban anyone from his blog who disagrees with him or insults him.