Does Metastock Pro RT have level 2 windows?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kenstl, Oct 22, 2001.

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    I have a chance to buy Metastock RT at a really good price, and was wondering if it had level 2 screens, since there really isn't much detail on its features on equis' web page.

    I'd also appreciate any other info on the product.

  2. No level II. Just basic charting with indicators and system backtesting. You can't even run systems in realtime without first making the system signals into alerts.
  3. That's correct. However if you use eSignal for the realtime data then you can get the Level 2 from eSignal.
  4. Can't you get level 2 free from Datek? They were just adding level 2 when I closed an account there and I'm pretty sure it was free with an account balance of $500. Things may have changed by now.
  5. kenstl


    I'm a disgruntled RQ user, so I was looking for something that would be closest to RQ. Today I downloaded esignal and ensign demos, and I really like them so far. They're a lot like RQ, including the interface, only fewer bugs and more features that actually WORK like they're supposed to.

    I don't imagine ever going back to RQ at this point (after trying out ensign) even if they do abandon for an esignal feed.

    Thanks to you who provided input.
  6. Actually, just to stress rtstrading's point. MetaStock has excellent eSignal integration. It allows you to dynamically load charts off of eSignal without the need to store anything locally. Level II through eSignal works very well.