Does Mandelbrotset trade?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spinn, Jun 29, 2009.

Does Mandelbrotset trade?

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but he loses money day in and day out

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  3. No

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  1. spinn


    Based on the venom and vitriol in the posts of Mandelbrotset, not to mention the 6,000 posts in two years, I do not believe Mandelbrotset trades.

    Given his lack of constructive advice, I believe it would help NOOBs if they knew who (not) to listen to.
  2. This doesn't belong in the "Trading" forum.
  3. spinn


    I believe it does as knowing who to ignore is as important as knowing who to listen to.

    Please replace this thread to its correct forum immediately.
  4. who are you? Landis Jr.?
  5. Sorry, no.
  6. Eight


    Mendelbrot was the third guy I added to the ignore list, right after Killthesunshine and Trader666. All for pretty much the same reason, shitty, meaningless, contentless, insulting posts... would these guys get literally killed if they were like that in person all the time.... yes, they would. I saw one get beat so bad once he was passed out for fifteen minutes and nobody did a thing to help him... it's one of my most satisfying memories really... so I have to guess that in person they have to contain themselves to just shitty looks and stuff that could be misinterpreted as a headache or something.. poor little bastards... :D
  7. He trades with a Trading for Dummies book in one hand, and a french fry basket in the other. The way Mandy is able to work the drive- thru headset, and pull up Yahoo stock charts on the shift managers computer (when he ain't looking) at the same time is a study in multi-tasking. A couple more checks with overtime and he will once again be able to re-fund his E-Trade account, which has been blown more than the great Ron Jeremy.

    Jack Rennick Schwager out:cool:
  8. LOL, well we know you don't trade ... :D

    Eight can't even make money paper-trading

    Sorry chump, but you should at least actually trade real money yourself before you start running shit out of your mouth about people trading or not trading. :eek:
  9. Ah spinn,

    You're just a crybaby who didn't like the fact that I handed "TheLuckiestguruEver" his head after he was talking shit to austinp and acting like an arrogant ass. :cool:


    Ivanovich is right ... this thread is exactly where it belongs, with the riff-raff hanging out on the corner! :p
  10. Hey, speaking of trading ...


    And that's while he's SIM Trading! :eek: :p

    LOL, eight ... you are YEARS away from being a real trader, so don't ever talk shit to me again, son!. :cool:
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