Does listening to music help your trading?

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  1. and if so what kind of music do you listen to you and why do you think that particular genre of music helps?
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    How can music help your trading? Any external visual or audio is more of a distraction..
  3. Listen to "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas.

    Makes the big losing trades easier to swallow.

    All we are is dust in the wind...
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    Yeah keep swallowing those losses and pretty soon your trading account will be dust in the wind
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    I would imagine, having sex with a beautiful woman during trading would help "relieve" some stress out. wouldn't u all agree?:D :D :D
  6. dude... check out

    You can select what genre, artist, or song types you want to listen to... then you can rate them (thumbs up or down). Over time it learns what kinda music you like and turns into a bad-ass radio station that only plays music you like.

    It's scary how accurate the predictions are.... Good luck!

  7. Pandora...

    Not until they shuffle a lot of "where the hell did this song come from" (probably testing the market) music first.

    I listened with delight first. But got tired of it very quickly. I don't need this. I have bought the songs I like to hear.
  8. Something that definitely does not help your trading is thinking about stupid ways to help your trading.
  9. I trade in silence.
  10. Ha!! :D

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