Does Jack Hershey exist? (With poll)

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Does Jack Hershey exist?

  1. He exists

    25 vote(s)
  2. He doesn't exist

    20 vote(s)
  1. Thread title is the 64K question.
    Does he exist?
    Where is the evidence, if you think so?
  2. I am sure he doesn't exist, because he never answers my PMs.
  3. hcour

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    "If there was no Jack Hershey, ET would invent him." - Anon

  4. Excellent!
    On a slow day, we've got 7 to 5 against Jack's existence.
    Vote now.
    Vote often.
  5. Brilliant
  6. Sentiment has shifted, folks.
    9 to 8 for Jack's existence.
    What will tomorrow bring?
    Vote now.
    Vote often.
  7. I was in the mall elevator last week and over heard two older ladies gossiping about a Jack Hershey convention in Ontario. I learned that there has been a Film company hired to start shooting a documentary about this event... The FLYING JACK's (grateful dead wanna be's)' are gonna drop in, and a Jack Hershey Parade (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) with every float having an Jack Hershey Impersonator (in case there is no Jack Hershey).
  8. Jack Hershey impersonators are everywhere; nevertheless, sentiment has shifted to non-existence. Don't be deceived. Vote, if you dare!
  9. I think that Jack Hershey does exist, but not in the form that he would have us believe. He pretends not to care what his detractors have to say, as though he is above it all. And yet, he goes out of his way to post lengthy, dismissive diatribes. Like a cat that goes out of its way to sit in front of the TV while you're watching, just to let you know that it is ignoring you and doesn't care. I think that even a blind dog with a sinus condition would be able to sniff out the imposter in the room.

    Jack doesn't want to prove his performance claims because it is so much easier and more fulfilling to tirelessly write long-winded, dismissive posts. Why would he waste precious minutes providing documentary evidence substantiating his exorbitant performance claims when he can spend countless hours telling you how little you know?
  10. 14 to 13 for non-existence.
    Vote people, if you dare.
    #10     Apr 3, 2007