Does it get any sillier than this?

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  1. If you have a clue how this makes any sense whatsoever, please do chime in ,I'm sure it would be enlightening.

    Out of respect for heavy moderation in the journals I posted here.

    Lots of silly stuff on that thread IMHO.
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    yes even though 'price action' requires a certain amount of past data to even have meaning, RCG only looks at the current tick to get price action!

    duh, why didn't I think of that?
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    It makes perfect sense. RCG is a losing trader. Count on it.
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    seriously, I quit reading his journal after that first huge loss and I never expected it to be anything based upon the past exchanges I have had with RCG.

    He is saying is that price data is always historical, well no shit, as if that is some sort of revelation. The rest though is a bunch of rather disjointed, arbitrary assertions and conclusions- it parallel his thinking here.

    I don't know, I am reaching here, but I think really good traders are either bull market geniuses or they have much better analytic minds.
  5. I took the liberty of reordering his sentences to make sense err, well to get his reasoning(or lack thereof ) in order. :D
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    Tsing Tao

    After numerous debates where I truly hoped he was about learning and trying to understand what I was talking to him about, I finally realized that he just makes shit up as he goes, never bothering to think through what he is saying. He just wants to appear knowledgeable of the topic - like he's some sort of oracle or something. When confronted on the commentary, he'll give some cryptic reply like "you shall soon see" or "go back and read through the thread - the answer is in there!" What a crock.

    The truth is he's not open to learning something new, and as a result he's doomed to failure over and over again, and being on the wrong side of the argument.
  8. He's what you get when all doors are opened to you by virtue of Affirmative Action.
    He thinks success and competence are just another entitlement program.

    Obviously when he gets on here , he's proven wrong so he tries to lie and or bluster his way through. It's funny to watch IMHO, but it doesn't bode well for our society as a whole because unfortunately he's not an outlier as far as frequency is concerned.
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    Tsing Tao

    Part of me wants to debate some of this, but given that it was you who was right about him and not me (when we first discussed him), I don't really trust my own judgment on him anymore.
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    I think Lucrum originally pointed out that some of the stuff RCG was saying was made up.

    The turning point for me was a thread about firearms. RCG said that he routinely made pistol target shots at over 100 yards. Then he said that it was common knowledge that rifles become more accurate with range. Both statements are so outrageously wrong that I became convinced that he was just lying. There have also been claims that he served in the military as some kind of commando but never made it into the sandbox. Then he changed that story and said that he had indeed been "in-country". At the same time a P&R participant who is a decorated combat veteran was PM'ing me saying that RCG was making it all up.

    I circled back to some posts between RCG and Lucrum where RCG claimed he had taken flight training and then claimed he had not taken any flight training. He oscillated between the two positions a few times before growing silent on that subject.

    Then there was a really weird episode where RCG was saying that I was some kind of combat veteran even though I repeatedly stated that I was a wrench in the USAF and served *after* the Vietnam war and never saw any action. He kept going on about my home which is sitting in a rather defensive position on a rocky butte. It was strange and made me uncomfortable.

    Now he has been busted making fabricated journal entries by people who are equipped to assess FX trading claims and the thread has been moved to Chit Chat. I guess that pretty well expresses what the mods think.

    The guy is a pathological liar and about the only thing he has said that I believe is that he is a night nurse in a hospital. The man does not possess the capacity for shame and he'll likely just continue on like before. Any normal person would leave at this point or perhaps start out fresh with a new account.
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