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    I want a tool that works on top of micorsoft word.

    I type a lot of proposals, many are the same with different tweaks to each section.
    There are about 20 topics or sections of these proposals.
    Some sections do not apply to each proposal.
    I want a tool that provides me with a check list of every section name.
    Then let's say I choose for 7 of the twenty sections.
    Of those 7 selected another box appears with options on which language/paragraph to choose for that proposal.
    It inserts those paragraphs and basically types a document for me.

    -typed on iPhone
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  3. Of each of the 7 selected, how many variations are there? Are you picking among a group of 2 or 50?
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    There's likely going to be 5 variations of the same paragraph.

    I could sacrifice and live without it, but it would be nice to have a misc topic with 20 paragrahs.
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    This works, but doesn't give you the option to select a certain paragraph. The whole document gets imported, if I were to make each paragraph it's own document to make this way work, I would have to have open 5x20= 100 documents, instant computer crash. This is good though for some people, just can't do it because of the choices.
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    Doubt there's a ready made solution on the market for you.

    Best bet is likely to include some kind of Access/Word integration. Either:

    1) Automating Word from Access or
    2) Accessing Access from Word

    Either way, you'll have to set up your database with all of the content first. Is the content formatted or is it just plain text?
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    It's a bullet point with topic name, then two tabs then a paragraph.
  8. Have it all in one document. It can even be formfill.

    Then copy the 5 you want out of it and paste them into new document. Effectively you would have a tool to produce the paragraphs just as you want them. The cost would be copying out the material you want in the finished document.

    Best I can think of. Maybe that's what you're doing now.
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    All the paragraph options together = 74 pages long...
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