Does it cost liberals more money for the same standard of living as a conservative?

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Does it cost libs more than conservatives for same standard of living?

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  1. I am planning to move to a very very conservative area and as i was looking at home prices and how good the schools are, I realized that liberals pay alot more for the same standard of living and to go to comparable schools. For instance...brand new homes in this area are around 400k for about 2200 sq ft. The good school index is 10 out of 10 in that area. Now if i find an ultra liberal area, the home prices are through the roof for the same standard of living. If someone wanted a brand new 2200 sq ft home in the bay area/silicon valley for example with comparable schools (rated 10 out of 10), they would pay on average $2 to $3 million. If they are on a budget, they can find a 5 year old home half the size for about $1 million and if they dont mind living in a condo built in 1970, then $700k. People on a budget in the area I'm moving to can occasionally find an older property for just under 200k.

    I've noticed this time and time again. In fact I challenge you to find an ultra liberal place in the united states, and compare it with an ultra conservative place and the conservatives will always have a higher standard of living for the same money everytime. Doesn't matter if its a $50k home or a $1m home.
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    If the area is "very conservative" then the schools are likely teaching their kids about the 4000 year old Earth, which means the area has a terrible standard of living.
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    If I had to live amongst a bunch of liberals given everything else equal I would certainly consider my standard of living to have declined just for having to put up with those idiots.

    I used to spend a lot of time in a certain university town. I've never seen a place with such a collection of fools before (or since) in my life.
  4. Its about supply and demand, not liberal versus conservative. You're assuming people with means vote based on where they live. Not the case.

    I live in one of the wealthiest beach communities in the world. We have perfect weather, amazing beaches and everything costs a ton as a result. We call it the "luxury tax".

    This luxury tax also has the added benefit of keeping the idiots out. The median household income required to live here is very very high hence we have almost no crime and really good schooling.

    Politically; its moderate and we generally end up electing on the fence.

    FYI the standard of living here - if one can include natural resources, beauty, average temps - is way higher than any town I've visited in the mid states US and I've traveled quite a bit...
  5. Conservative parents to child: You are loved by an all powerful creator. Love your neighbors, do good, sing in harmony with each other!

    Liberal parents to child: You are an insignificant speck of dust in the vast universe. Nobody will remember you when you are gone, so you better win American Idol so you can get girls and money or you will never be happy.
  6. Boca Raton?
  7. No, cuba :D
  8. No, but, I will say that last month's average listing price on trulia was just north of 5mil. The median sales price was 1.5mil.
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    There is a small grain of truth to this.
  10. I wouldn't be boasting about over priced real estate but hey knock yourself out mr North Carolina.
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