Does Israel kill palestinian children?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Aug 3, 2012.

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  2. Why did I get a 1 star for this thread? I just posted a video proving that palestinians train their kids to kill, and then get upset when Israel fights back.

    Hmm...I guess if a group of 10 year olds was firing ak-47s into YOUR house you would just call their parents, huh?
  3. "Does Israel kill palestinian children?"

    If they don't they certainly should.

    No need to watch the video, we all know the family values the pali-terrorists have .
    Funny how liberals denigrate conservative family values but twist themselves up like gumby to support the vermin of palestinian family values.

    Quite frankly the only solution to vermin like this is extermination, albeit there is a slight immorality problem with implementation of the Himmler method .

    So eventually we will have to use the mushroom cloud method.and say "oops, my bad ".
  4. weeeeeeeeee........

    the mushroom cloud thingy belongs to Obama.
  5. pspr


    There are certain societies that are so hateful and bend on violent nonstop attack on others that they deserve, at some point, to suffer genocide.
  6. Love that Christian ethos in you, pspr.:)

    Tru to form, as usual.:D
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    Thanks for reminding me! As I no longer see the star .gifs I forget to rate threads.