Does IB TWS have Ergodic, Elliot Oscillator, William%?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by mizhael, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Does IB TWS have Ergodic, Elliot Oscillator, William%?

    I am looking for these indicators...

  2. nkhoi

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    sierrachart use IB data feed it has all of these and more.
  3. quotetracker has all three and you can use IB data feed.
  4. quotetracker and sierrachart which one is better?

    I know quotetracker is free. That's good.
  5. Sierra Chart is better but Quote Tracker is free.

    There are loyal Quote Tracker customers who will disagree with me. For some who like the way it is set out and don't want extra features that are available on SC its "better."

    The free version is still advertising ware though isn't it - not truly "free?"

    I was curious so I looked it up:

    "NOTE 1: Ways to get QuoteTracker for Free:
    # The free QuoteTracker has ads, is limited to 2 days on intraday charts (instead of 10) and 6 months on historical charts.
    # pay for a registration
    # Open and fund a TD AMERITRADE account "

    I couldn't day trade or swing trade with two days data. I hate ads. So there is a cost to the so called free version.
  6. Oops, had I known it is not free, I wouldn't install it on my PC.

    What other solutions do we have to draw these indicators?
  7. Don't you just love it when some newbe seeks information on ET. Then you answer it as well as satisfying all their requirements and they don't even say as much as a thank you. Then they continue on in their self absorbed style asking about more stuff.

    Then don't you want to bend over backwards and continue to help these wonderful people. Geezz.