Does IB test a new TWS version thoroughly before releasing it?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TWS_Beta_Tester, Nov 6, 2009.

Do you think a new TWS version is tested thoroughly before its release?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  3. Only superficially. IB has never taken software QA seriously.

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  1. zybex


    Last two Linux releases of the TWS are broken because of some missing files (899.4 & 899.7) I understand that Linux users are minority but IB WTF?
    They don't do any testing before new release (at least on Linux) because if they do, they would know that it's impossible to use charts under Linux because of 'no class definition found' error.

  2. maxpi


    I just don't beta test for these folks. I use only the second newest version and third party front ends. The idea is that the third party developers have had time to get software working with that older version. I never deal directly with the TWS after I set the API to work with the third party software.. I chose my third party software carefully so I would not have to EVER deal directly with the TWS... When /if I do find a bug, I don't report it, they don't pay me for that...

    I think the guys that develop their own software are the ones with the threads urging us to report things and to get after IB to fix things... not my problem suckas..
  3. Rule 1. Wait at least a week after a new TWS has been made available and you've downloaded it to see if others are having problems.

    Rule 2. If you have an ounce of caution, quadruple rule 1.

    TWS + the backend servers is such a complex M'fxing software system that IB couldn't test all the convolutions if they wanted to do it. So grow a brain and let those without do the first layer of post release testing.

    I keep copies of TWS releases for the day I'll have to upgrade. I was very happily on 890.6 until recently and am now equally happy on 898.4

    If you are serious about being traders then take responsibility for managing your software environment. Stop whinging like a bunch of girl's blouses. Learn for fxxk's sake!