does IB provide a charting program?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mounafia, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. mounafia


    I have been trading with oanda forex and now that I am beguining to have a viable strategy I want to become serious and trade on a product (futures) with a lot more choice everyday.
    I have been making money on forex days where the volatility was average to big but also losing days where the volatility was dead and I have the feeling (maybe wrong?) than in futures and stock trading it is easier to find every morning (due to the news) a futures that will be volatile this day.

    anyway, I have been looking at the IB website and I do not find information about their charting.

    I trade a lot with technical analysis using basic moving average and they are become mendatory to my decision process.

    so do IB provide a charting program? if not what do you use to see your charts? if yes can you post pics of their graph ?

    Also what is the minimum one should invest to open an account with them?

    thanks in advance (sorry for the gramatical mistakes).
  2. LeeD


    IB platform has decent charts itself. The platform has a demo startable from Web-browser. Just got to IB Web-site and navigate from the menu to Trading->Trading Platforms. Then ckick Trader Workstation (TWS) and then Browser Based TWS... or simply follow this link.

    If you don't like TWS charting, you can use IB data to drive one of popular free charting platforms such as NinjaTrader or QuoteTracker.