Does IB ever respond to e-mails?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Mvic, Jul 9, 2003.

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    Can't complain too much about IB (except for their occassional loss of data feed which means you can't place a trade, at least let me place a market order), no problems using TWS and good commissions (I am making them rich with my over trading :) ) and generally pleasant people manning the phones but this one aspect baffles me, why don't they respond to e-mails? I sent a couple last week (about IRA fees) and still no response.

    I haven't found much of a wait getting hold of someone by phone so that's a plus.
  2. Try posting your question here or PM'ing def, the all-knowledgable IB representative on Elite Trader.
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    It has been my experience that it can take IB a few weeks to respond to e-mails depending on the content of them. If it is an urgent matter, you should ask the same question over the phone or on chat.
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    It should never take a few weeks for IB to respond. While more complex issues may take longer to address, we strive to turnaround e-mails as fast as possible. I can see that the current helpdesk inbox only has about 30 pending e-mails - all from this week (most from today).
    We have recently upgraded our e-mail client, so it is possible that you question got filtered and sent to the wrong place.
    Feel free to resend the question to help or PM me - however, I will likely have to pass it on, as I am not an expert on IRA issues.
  5. thats DEF's place :)

    for helping me once again with prof. courtesy and attention

    over the phone and in chat tonight in a timely fashion
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    Thanks, we'll pass on your kind note to the service reps in the office. They work hard and appreciate the kinds words.

    I'll also repeat Steve's comment on the e-mail. Most mails are getting out within less than a day. Some mails are filtered to specific reps (ie. IRA's in the US) but as some of the filters are new, it is possible that a mail is sitting idle in someone's box or got routed incorrectly. We're working to track these down and fix any errant filters. In the meantime, if any of you haven't rec'd a response to a query within a few days (weekends excluded), please do not hesitate to let us know so we can track it down.
  7. What did you do with IB´s system (server-side) around June 30 ? Any changes or upgrades ? Since that time my account window does not show correct values for ´EMV´ and ´Previous Day EMV´. I sent email with a screenshot already twice and I hope that someone can fix this until Monday or so.

  8. FWIW I emailed them (near the open) about a trading question last week and they got back in less than 10 minutes!

    Pretty good service that time...
  9. A few months ago I had a trade problem. A buy order got hung at PHLX, I called to ask them to manually cancel it, they said they would, but it got executed a half hour later, and since it put me over the margin limit, IB sold it at market a minute later. I called IB, they said the original order had been cancelled. I called PHLX, and they investigated and said the order was never cancelled. IB said it was, and said I should send them email describing the situation. I did and never heard back from them. I assumed they just thought "we're not going to spend time on a $30 inquiry" and ignored it. IB has still saved me more money on commissions than a larger broker with a larger service staff would have, so I'm still with them.
  10. I'm in the IB chat with Ben-TAC at techncial support. I wrote him a bunch of stuff and have yet to see a reply.

    Basically, I've noticed over the last week, a process called javaw.exe is taking from 81-99% of my cpu! Making it impossible for me to trade quickly.

    I'm assuming that process is TWS related because when I shut that down that process goes away.

    Is that has to do with the new upgrade? i'm using
    Build 797.4 2003/06/13 10:50


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