Does IB charge any fee for International wires out?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Nana Trader, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Why most US brokerage charge 50$ for every wire out?
    I pay just 10$ to send my fund from overseas to US
    brokerage account and it gets there within 3 days only.

    Imagine paying 200$ for a monthe if doing weekly

    follwing link hasn't mentioned anything for international
    wire transactions:

    I used to have account with XoomTrade that charge
    40$ for transfer to my bank, and extra 25$ from
    the Computer clearing account to direx venture LLC.
    Paying Total of 65$ for each transfer.

    Are they doing a fair job charging me extra 25$
    from the Computer clearing account to direx
    venture LLC, I guess this has to be part of their
    internal expenses that charged to my account?

    Any feedback will be appericiated. Thanks
  2. mark1

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    No they dont
  3. i think its like 10-15 USD ...well..i know i paid that to stick some money into my ib account so im fairly sure ital the same fee taking it out (from australia)
  4. Bob111


    they not charge you,but YOUR bank may for incoming wire.
  5. My bank charg for outgoing wire, but doesn't charge for
    incoming wires.
    well, i am very surprised to see IB do it for free internationaly
    because cost of wiring for local and overseas differs a lot:confused:
    anyway if so ,sounds another good reason to be having
    acccount with IB
  6. Because your bank charges for outgoing wires, does
    not mean nesseccerily IB have to charg for Outgoing,
    but again i'm not saying that IB does it free of charge
    for sure

    anyway thanks for response, but need to confirm it
    with IB staff (I had to creat this thread for those
    foreign traders with the same question)
  7. def

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    confirmed. ib doesn't charge for int'l wires and currently eats any fees.
  8. Good to hear that no any outgoing wire fee from IB account.
    Thanks def for prompt reply