Does IB Carry ICE Futures Canada Canola Contract?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by RedSun, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. RedSun


    Would like to start trading canola or rapeseed contracts. Anyone knows who carries those contracts? I'm in US.
  2. RedSun


    I found several retail brokers who offer Canola contracts. They are Cannon Trading, Daniels Trading, Easy-Forex, Wisdom Trading, DeCarly Trading, Transword Futures, and Burnett Commodities. I do not know much about any of them.
  3. Brighton


    I think all of those are introducing brokers (IB). Cannon, for example, offers accounts through several FCMs, including GAIN and GAIN recently purchased Daniels Trading. You might have better luck going to the FCMs and finding out what products they offer and if it's better to do business with them "direct" or through an IB.

    I'd add RJ O'Brien and ADM Investor Services to your list. Both have a large business in ag commodities and offer direct and IB relationships.
  4. Wisdom Trading is who I've used for Canola. They are an IB for RJ O'Brien. They offer quite a few different futures you can't get through most other brokers.

    Generally you will get screwed on fees going directly to a broker like RJO. Go to an IB instead and negotiate a good rat.e