Does IB allows scalping?

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  1. I heard some brokers prohibit scalping, is true for IB?
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    Not a problem for stks and futures. The more you trade the
    more they make.

  3. The organizations that are "anti-scalping" are generally NOT brokers. They are bucket shops ... that is they are organizations that take the other side of the trade from you.

    Most of the options for trading forex are bucket shops.
    The spreadbetters are bucket shops.

    IB is a real broker and makes its money by you paying it a commission for every trade. More trades = more money. So IB are happy to just take your dollar.

    Note: IB forex is not a bucket shop however they have some problems with sub-sized trades at the moment that can be a problem for newbies (so stick to currency futures for now). Apparently, in a month or so that problem should be fixed.
  4. Thank you for all of your explanaitons.
    I am going to trade some eminis, and may be I will try scalping form time to time:)
  5. I heard of many forex brokers forbbiden scalping, thus they are all illegal companies?

  6. They are bucket shops. They take the other side of your trade so they impose rules in an attempt to prevent certain types of success.
  7. thanks a lot for your advice, so that I can stay away with those bucket shops:)

  8. Thats a new one on me. What rule would that be, you can't exit a trade at a profit, you have to lose money?
  9. Hah double standard?
  10. if u let your trade expire [cfds/spreadbets are contracts that have an exp date that varies from a day to a yr] they take away from u a good chunk of your profits by widenin' the spreads, can happen durin' the day also. another trick bshops plays is [when they think u have a good chance makin' money] they cut the mkt [stock, whatever] off line as soon as u try enter a trade. worst of all they even try to defraud your acct, by addin' shady transactions that never took place....all this shite happened to me yrs ago.
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