Does IB allow for feed only?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by newpers, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. newpers


    Does Interactive Brokers allow for feed subscriptions only. I do not want to fund my account with $2k just yet, but would like access to real time forex feed. (Their demo is terrible for futures and forex). I'm asking this here, because their customer service takes too long to respond.

  2. What u mean the demo is terrible?
    Not much different from the real thing, other than limited features and symbols display, and by the way TWS is a very good platform overall.
  3. newpers


    First of all it shuts down for 2 hours every day (10:00p MSD - 12:00a MSD). 2nd, instead of the quotes being a continuous stream of 15 minute delayed data, they only update data every 16 minutes. The backfill is small. I can't get any overseas futures markets. I am using it with ensign and I can't seem to get any forex pair past Jan 1, 2006 (maybe this is my fault, I don't know).

    I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.
  4. That's pretty odd. U must have some connection problems because I remember using the demo and quotes were always updated every second.
    For crosses and futs u have to select the February and March contract, have u tried that?
    Still, all these problems u are experiencing don't exist on the real platform.
  5. vvtrader


    I wouldn't say the demo is terrible, but it is very limited. I tried to bring up level II for stock, but I don't think you can do that with the demo.
  6. newpers


    oh yeah, i'm not doubting that the real data is great -- that's why i was asking if they provide feed as a subscription. I am willing to pay $15-20 / month for feed, but since I'm still learning and am probably not going to execute a trade for another few months, I do not want to fund an account with a few grand just for feed.
  7. Sanjuro


    I don't think they have a feed subscription only.
    Open the account with 2k.
    Then take $1900 out after your account is open.
    Then your $100 will conitnue to pay for your feed.

    Are you sure you should be trading when you can't even afford 2k for an account...

    Good Luck!
  8. Interesting, to me they replied with some 24hour delay, and yes no real quotes. I am sure there will be good reason, and we will here it soon either from IB or(their customers if so)
  9. ids


    Demo quotes are not real. Did you ever tried a paper-trading account? It is very close to a real one.
  10. gowron8


    Once you open the account, I believe the data fee is 10 dollars per month. This includes forex and all major US equities markets (if memory serves) including currency futures which could also be useful. The 10 dollar fee is waived if you do any kind of minimal trading.
    I have to agree with Sanjuro....if it would be difficult for you to temporarily park 2k in a fully insured account you're probably under funded at this point.
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