Does Harvard need to be taught thics

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    Has anyone noticed a lot of these questionable financial schemes and scams on Wall Street are from Harvard. Did harvard have business class in how to be a financial psychopath?

    How to disassociate yourself from financial destruction of your victims even if you take down a country or two?

    How to take bonuses now and pretend you did not know later?

    How to pretend selling premium is profitable until you blow up your fund or the financial system?

    To me I wonder how anyone would ever do business with a 50 -60 year old from Harvard again. You are just asking to get your faced ripped off.

    What turned them into financial psychos. No remorse for the victim. No win win. Just win and destroy. These guys were smart guys from Harvard... they could have done something decent and still made a lot of money.

    disclosure -
    this is not anti education.

    I have met some very fine people from Yale who ran hedge funds.
  2. Fwiw, I've just finished a book which covers many of your thoughts. The book is short and sweet.

    "Letters to a Young Lawyer" by Alan Dershowitz
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    I will look to pick it up. thanks.
  4. The mistake is in the thinking that it takes a degree from Harvard to get the job done. It doesn't! What we have is a good old boys club and a pedigree from a "esteemed" university is part of the entrance fee.
    My post is not anti education either. It's anti self appointed, self anointed pseudo intellectuals that game the very system they have created, and then feign ignorance when it all blows up.
    Off with their heads!