Does gold follow a random walk?

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    Some academics have suggested that gold follows a random walk.

    I have developed a little program that can be used to test this hypothesis.

    From testing out data from various time periods and in different ways (such as the difference in each days prices), I cannot see that the random walk hypothesis can be applied to gold prices (or silver prices). Instead there a clearly trends...which is good news for traders...
  2. That's why they're academics...and not in trading or any other profession where their theories would have to produce a profit.

    Gold a random predictable effects from world events, central bankers, financial crises, etc.? Absurd just on prima facie grounds. No wonder it doesn't hold up to testing, either.
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    Who are the academics that are arguing gold follows random walk? Citation please? And papers where gold prices are used as a demonstration input of other concepts (ie, portfolio optimization) doesn't count because the point of those papers aren't that assets follow random walk;

  4. Ask the thread starter, not me.
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    People should always ask these academics...