Does February always suck?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by futurecurrents, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. So I'm going good for five months, nice (theoretical) daily uptrend, pretty steady. Then Feb hits and almost to the day the trendline turns south with an unrelenting string of down days all month. March comes by and the chart zooms back up to the trend......whew!

    I remember last Feb was also extremely frustrating.

    I trade nasdaq story/news stocks intraday only both long and short.

    Maybe I just have to learn to take these drawdowns and suck it up as the price of trading, but it truly bites.

    My thoughts are that Feb is the the other side of the year of August, which also tends to suck and both of these months are when the big players are vacationing. Also the year end and new year stock maneuvering has already taken place.

    Anyone else see this? I can't seem to find anyway to make February work so maybe I should just not trade that month. Of course the problem is that I'm not convinced that this phenomenon is consistant from year to year.
  2. try to trade the open if u like stocks with news; very good odds for long and short.
  3. Funny... because in December, I thought I was going crazy. Nothing was working as it should. Then I realized after looking back 3 months of data, the data I was looking at was different than usual in the past few months.

    Can't explain it, but the moves I thought were probable to happen, did not happen as often as all. I just decided that December was a month that my type of trading might not be as most effective. Then looking onto later on in January/February, things seem to be back to normal.

    So I understand what you are talking about, but this month doesn't seem that different for me.