Does Facebook scan your email

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by trade2live, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Some chick sent me an invite, I never used this so I wouldn't know how it works. But on the email, there were two pics of other women I have exchanged emails with (you might also know these people says FB) . Problem there is nothing linking the person sending the invite to the two others I exchanged emails with.

    The only explanation I came up with is that FB is scanning my mailbox, if that 's actually the case , that's outrageous and how in hell can they do that just by sending me an email ? !
  2. I've had similar occurences and I can't explain them either. Further, I don't even recall ever having been on FB's web site.
  3. I got in it just to get a discount on shoes. Theres a page where you can configure what you do and don't want sent to you.
  4. I know facebook gets information off yahoo messenger, but not sure if they get it off yahoo mail. How do i know this? Because I put someone on ignore on my yahoo messenger (that was not in my email contacts) and that person popped up as someone i might know in FB. So i know they got it off my messenger.