does everyone pay taxes?

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    Well, yes, everyone pays them. But, they don't all pay federal income taxes. Studies show that approximately one third of those filing pay 0 income tax. When you add non filers to the mix it adds up to almost forty percent of americans who make money but pay no federal income tax.

    Now, the point of this. It has been stated many times by those on the left that the level of taxation, progressivity, etc., is fair because it is a collective decision by the American people.

    But, I would submit that when those who pay no tax vote to raise it on others, with much of the benefits to be distributed to the first group, it is not a matter of fairness, but simply legalized theft.

    Taxes should apply to all or to none. That would be a more fair system, and one that could rightly be attributed to the "collective judgement" of the American people.
  2. "Taxes should apply to all or to none."

    Many taxes are to motivate people to do or not do something.
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    Well, then everyone that does that particular something should be taxed at the same rate. And certain people should not be excluded from paying those taxes because they are a democratic contstituency.
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    Yes, like work for a living for example. The one guy they can nail consistently is the guy that gets a check and has taxes deducted from it by an employer.
  5. I knew a merchant once who came up to me out of a clear blue sky and told me that he would cash a check for any amount of money. I asked him what about 25,000 bucks and he said that he could handle it. So I checked around and heard some noise that he did that to help people who worked as contractors and such to avoid income taxes and he charged a percentage. So I called the IRS and told them about it. They said that they didn't care about investigating tax cheats like that any more. This was during Bush seniors administration.

    That old bastard had a multi page police record that that didn't stop him from becoming a county commissioner. He died of cancer this year. Guess his karma finally caught up with him.

  6. Were you bullied in high school?