Does everyone have CNBC turned on while trading ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by uniafly, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. uniafly


    Hi !

    I wonder how many people have CNBC turned on while trading ?

    Maybe someone trades without a business TV or with different source of live information ? What do you use ?

  2. I keep Bloomberg on with the sound down. Or channels with music videos at lunchtime.
  3. CNBC??? What's that?
  4. r-in


    Only when Erin Burnett, Melissa Francis, and Alexis Glick, are on and jello wrestling naked!
    Sorry, I called it a day awhile ago to get some research done and bored while I wait on a phone call.
    Although, I would watch more if......:D
  5. uniafly


    to those who dont watch:

    First of all I am not experienced in this business and still learning.

    My question is how else do you find out instantly certain economical Data that certainly moves the market one another way ?

    Or you just go long with a wave up, or short with a wave down ?
  6. If you heard it first on CNBC, i guarantee you heard it last. Use something like The tobacco ruling was on CNBC 20 minutes after the ruling today.

    With that being said, good luck with CNBC tho.
  7. uniafly


    Thanks for advice, any other recommendations or suggestions are welcome ??!!
  8. marcm

    marcm -- assuming they aren't sued out of business, $20/month gets you emails and internet radio broadcast.
  9. Only when I rub one out @ lunch to Melissa Lee and Erin...:D
  10. mizer