Does everyone have a degree?

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  1. Hey guys...

    I was just wondering if everyone here has a degree? Are there any without?

    im 19, and im just done my first year of my degree, and was thinking today, why do i need this? Spend another 4 years of my life at school, only to start something that does not require a degree?

    I dunno, im just being stupid today:p
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    I got a degree in computer science as it was what I wanted to do for many years, then after working for few years at crap company made me really question if I could see myself sitting in a office 9-5 earning a regular wage and living the rat race till I die. I couldnt.

    However, its nice to know that I have skills and credentials to back it up if ever the need arises. Im 25 now, wish I had started trading back in uni, but oh well. I would not have quit uni tho, just would have been nice to have had the foresight to learn trading along side it.
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    Besides the facts that you make more money when you have a degree and that 95%+ traders fail (implying that you will have to get a job), college is the best place to really learn about yourself and others. I spent eight years in school, earning two degrees while having to work at a crap job full time. That time that I put in really drove me to become much more disciplined as a trader. I learned quickly that I did not want to work for others. The problem was that I was not ready to become a trader yet. I needed an education to help inform me of all the different ways to view the world. Essentially, the basics of critical thought.

    Now, while I am sure there are traders out there who have done fine without an education, I would think they have had a harder time in general. Also, I would think that they are more susceptible to blowing out quicker.

    Anyway, everybody knows the best place to meets girls is at college.
  4. agere, i wouldn't like to just to earn regular wage for life. & a degree is a nice thing to fall back on(something useful ex: engineering)

    i am almost 21, wrapping up 3rd year CS, getting my masters in CS w/my school's 5 year prog. my next education goal is a MBA. a degree is a degree. its something that i think i should do when i'm still young. i wouldn't want to be one of them old folks taking classes at a state university.

    trust me, its sad to see people taking classes as an non-traditional student. ask your parents if they can still hit the books as hard as before.

    other people can take away your money, everything you own, but they can't take away your education. whether is a formal education or not.

    learning to trade for example is an informal education, many people fail. it somewhat like the number of people making through universities vs the rest of the population. there's a process of being filtered out of the loop.

  5. reword that:

    everyone knows that you'll meet alot of girls when you have the means. hot women will throw their bodies on you.

  6. Thanx for your replies!

    There is a few options im thinking of..>I was wondering if some of you can give me some advice on them...

    1) Get 30 credits from university (half way done) and join the Vancouver Police. after probation you get 60k Canadian per year. This would be my fall back plan, because now, and while in university i will continue to learn stocks and Forex, and trade while i am a cop. When i become good, and don't need the income of my police job, quit, or take a sabbatical and trade full time...If for some reason i SUCK at trading, i have my job at the police to fall back on.

    2) Work my ass off right now and save my 30k. Spend another 1 or 2 years learning. Get a hired at Bright or ECHO trading in Vancouver/Victoria or a firm to learn from. not much money, by great learning environment, then day/swing trade full time.

    What do you think...

    Thanx for your help guys!
  7. i personally had no interest in loops..

    Kastro, i didnt go to college and honestly, the only thing i really miss is the social aspect of it.. after all, thats where all the hot chicks are.. if you dont go to college there will always be a segment of society that looks down on you because they think you are uneducated.. and there will be those who look up to you because you achieve without a degree.. and then there are those who will simply admire the fact that you arent driven by what society expects and just do your own thing.. who cares.. a degree is a tool.. would you buy a hammer if you never intended to use it? why? it will just rust away in the shed.. for some people who have a fear of failure i suppose a degree could provide a measure of comfort..

    but college would be alot of fun and you would learn alot of cool and interesting things.. so, either way..

    i notice that you take things a little seriously.. its good to be thoughtful, but take some time to play and just be a kid.. :)

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    When I was a young man, I was assured that a college degree was my meal ticket in life. I believed then, as now, that I was getting bad advice. I eventually got the degree, plus an MBA, and I think I am a better person for it. The numbers show quite clearly that college grads make more money, but the right thing to do will vary with the individual. The only advice I can offer that I think really makes sense is to assume that you will fail at trading. Treat it as a hobby at first. Whether you go to college or hire on with the police, you need something you can depend on.
  9. i agree on most part of what you're saying here.

    the loop i was refering to was the loop(inner circle) being able to sustain the numerous tests life throw at you, which includes: handling classes in a university setting, or not getting whipped out while trading.

    i might be an exception to a person that's striving for a degree. i actually enjoy what i do as a computer scientists, and the challenages that arises along the way. most people getting a degree to fullfill the means to survive afterwards. but i am rather careless about what's going to happen next.

    college can be fun depends on the degree your taking & additional work that you take on while in college. personally, being a CS or anyother engineering major= tons of work + i spend numerous hours/day to read materials & charts w/regard to trading. i have no freetime till the weekends, then it becomes a litlte be more tricky.

    i think there is a need to be thoughtful in such an important junction in life. college education is what others refer to as a path to get higher paying jobs. if you chooses to abandon it, you have to think about the potential consequences. i am sure that qiwktrade is an exception to the statistics, but the stats do show its more profitable on the long run to have an education. by all means, you also can become the exception to the rule too. the likeliness always comes into question

    on a lighter note, you are a teenager only once. enjoy while it lasts.

  10. i got a highschool degree thats more than you got

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