Does ET need an automated BS meter?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by hypostomus, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Without too much effort, posts could be scanned in real time to provide the busy reader a guide to the post's BS quotient. It would suffice at the outset to sum up the occurrences of "me, I, greatest, rich, my website, fabulous, amazing, 100% accurate, can't lose, how bout dem, king, brokerage record, challenge" ad nauseam.

    Further, should this prove useful, I am confident that software could be written to detect autistic word salad, to wit: "The aureoles of the market poke themselves into the ears of our Proustian awareness only with exceeding mathematical subtlety, verging on the chaotic, as is was recently noted in the Journal of Comparative Monody by my good friend Dr. Aaaron A. Aaardvaark."

    An OT posting warning would pose a greater challenge to automate, but I have no doubt that a short list of OT posters could be developed by acclamation.

    Of further benefit would be simple comprehensibility software which inserts indefinite articles into the posts of those posters whose native languages do not include them, and corrects mismatched pronouns and conjugations.

    Finally, should this fail to work, ET could institute a sliding multidimensional user's fee scale based on the stupidity, arrogance, obtuseness, credulity, sycophancy, self-promotion, rudeness, or sheer incomprehensibity of the poster.