Does Esignal Still Consider their data "real time"

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by flipflopper, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. If bond insurers can lose AAA ratings shouldn't Esignal lose its "real time data" rating?
  2. wucah


    Not sure but they are awful lately. I tried talking to their rep he didn't know what Time and sales was and why was I comparing it to lvl2? But they seem to be behind alot in the last few weeks. I wonder if there are many good alternatives. I am thinking of sierra charts with idn feed. Same price as esginal. I just like their all in one package. And the pretty colors.
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    I see no lag in esignal data. It is spot on for eurex dax futures even in very fast market conditions.

    There are alternatives such as DTN IQ which is priced about the same. CQG is also good, but more expensive.

    Are you of Esignal 10 or 8. 10 had a lot of issues, so many people switched back to 8.

    I personally feed esignal data into ninja trader charts. Ninja is free for charting and demo trading. Plus you pay less to esignal since you do not need their front end.

  4. I talked to a rep a few minutes ago asking if I could use a different data provider to plug into Esignal charts and she said its not possible. But you use their data, just not their charts right?

    Not sure I understand why they allow one but not the other.

  5. You can use esignal as a data provider for 3rd party applications without using their charting.
    What the rep said was correct you can not use another feed to run esignal charts.
    Too bd that sounds like it would work.
  6. Yeah, I got excited for a second when I realized that this idea would alleviate all my issues, only to find out its not possible.

    I guess I should have assumed it wouldnt work otherwise Im sure someone would have brought the idea up already.